Arabic Zeal explores the books, food and culture of the region. Discover recommended reading for Westerners: novels, memoirs and nonfiction that shed light on the Arab World. Find photos, cultural insights, and a glimpse into bicultural expat living.

Holly S. Warah shares her zeal for all things Arabic, however big or small. An expat from Seattle, Holly first traveled to the Middle East in 1986. During that two-year journey, she met her Palestinian husband and married him in Jerusalem, linking her life forever to the region. She currently makes her home in Dubai, United Arab Emirates, where she’s lived for ten years with her husband and their three children.

In her own tiny way, Holly hopes to bring down barriers between Arabs and non-Arabs by connecting with expats, foreign spouses, writers, readers, and other curious minds. Fascinated by culture and identity, Holly has a Master’s degree in Teaching English to Speaker of Other Languages and taught ESL for eleven years.


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